In the Workspaces directory, what is the activity number and how is it calculated?

The activity percentile assigned to each Workspace is calculated on a nightly basis and gives an idea of the relative activity of different Workspaces. As a percentile, a Workspace with a score of 90.0 can be understood to be more 'active' than 90% of the other Workspaces hosted on GotDotNet.

Activity is, however, a rather general word. The ranking is determined in a batch job that compares the 'point scores' for each Workspace over both the previous day and the Workspace's standing the night before. Whenever something happens in a Workspace, be it a check in, a message board post, a release download or even a page view, some points are added to a running total for that Workspace on that day. Note that that list is not exhaustive and that different events can add different numbers of points to the total (for example, a release submission is more significant than a simple page view).

As with any system involving ranking, there is always a risk of abuse whereby undeserving candidates could artificially elevate their position. The GotDotNet team maintains a general watch over the highly ranked Workspaces to make sure that their positioning remains fair. So far, the top Workspaces really are the ones that are seeing a significant amount of either development or release download activity and there no weighting currently involved in calculating these metrics.

So how to get your Workspace to the top? Well, community projects with broad appeal (to both contributors and users) are the best candidates; those that are generating a cross-section of traffic in terms of source control actions, downloads and message board discussion will tend to float to the top of the list. Good luck!