Hi all!!!!

I have found a huge problem when I try to pick a USB pen drive in my computer when I have network units mapped onto my PC. The problem appears in all operating systems, Windows XP, Windows 2000 also in Windows Vista WOW edition.

The problem occurs when you put your pen drive in the PC and the SO asign a letter (for example F:) to my pen drive and this letter is already used my my mapped network unit. What must I do, open de Disk Manager and assign another letter that is not in use in my PC. It occurs several times a day, so I lose a lot of time, I have made a lot numbers, and I can give you the number, 1 hour a week, is terrible......

So I was looking for a solution and I have found a solution for all operating systems, included Windows Vista WOW Edition,



The solution is great, is a service and you can exclude the letters that you think you will use, it is amazing!!!, and also you can force the letter if you want, and make a lot  of things.


Test it guys and it is free....!!!!!