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  • Blog Post: Lead Hosts versus SQL Server for Windows Server AppFabric Caching

    Note: This is only relevant the on-premises version of the Caching service which is part of Windows Server AppFabric Introduction The following would go over the concepts of lead host and offloading in both network share configuration (aka XML configuration) and SQL configuration for the AppFabric...
  • Blog Post: How To Load WF4 Workflow Services from a Database with IIS/AppFabric

    Cross Post from Ron Jacobs blog This morning I saw a message post on the .NET 4 Windows Workflow Foundation Forum titled Load XAMLX from database .  I’ve been asked this question many times. How can I store my Workflow Service definitions (xamlx files) in a database with IIS and AppFabric? Today...
  • Blog Post: Announcing WCF Express Interop Bindings

    Today, we are pleased to further simplify the WS-* interop challenge by providing the WCF Express Interop Bindings Extension for Visual Studio 2010, launched at This new extension enables WCF developers to avoid much of the formerly needed guesswork to configure a WCF service to connect...
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