So to keep up with the project management in VC++ land, we are right now only fixing show-stopping bugs.  We also call this period recall class mode, which means that we would recall the media for the bug fix.  As the days of March get crossed off the calendar, we see our last few builds happening, and our last chance to find any big bugs defects :). We pay especially close to the risk of regressions in a main path. Many if not most of the bugs we have fixed in the past two weeks have been regressions caused by fixes we took three and four weeks ago.  The team is glad to be making progress on post-Beta 2 work items as fewer and fewer people are involved in shutting down the Beta. 

It helps the team's spirit that we have had a mild winter here in the Northwest - we've had many many sunny and dry days here that make it seem like it has been Spring for weeks.  The bulbs are all blooming away - daffodils and such, plus tulips showing their first sign of color in my yard this afternoon.  Beautiful!