We heard you, and if you heard a loud cry of joy from the Pacific Northwest around the middle of December, you may have heard me! 

I'm thrilled to report that Microsoft's Server and Tools Business has decided to invest in significantly improving the Developer and ITPro help experience over the upcoming years!  A new small team of engineers will soon be on the job of raising the bar for the experience of installing, using and updating documentation for Visual Studio, MSDN and other products!  What's at the top of the priority list? Making your F1 and search experience fast and relevant.  Once we solve that we hope to offer you a simple viewer and update model to keep you in the know and highly productive.

What say you!?  What is important to you? What would you like to see? Remember that question I posed to you nearly a year ago - what is your dream assistance scenario!?!?!?  After we fix F1 and search, what is most important to you?

If we nail Search, do you still need the Index? Will intellitype in the search box do or do you really want that separate window?

Keep your eye on my blog, because we'll be looking to you for feedback on our many ideas and plans for improving your ability to get the answers you need - FAST.