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June, 2009

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About "Everything Microsoft."

Hi, Thanks for taking time to read about my blog. Let me start by telling you little bit of myself. My name is Arbindo Chattopadhyay - try pronouncing it right the first time :) - and I am Consultant with Microsoft Consulting Services in Chcago. My passion lies in implementation of software in best possible manner. I started my jouney with software with GW BASIC and since then grown up along with the Microsoft platform. Over the years, I always get excited with the power of the platform and the integration of various products that enhance productivity for corporate as well as home users.

This blog will not be specific to a product or technology, but surely will be Microsoft platform centric. You should expect to read about technologies that make life easier and better. I know this introduction does not provide a clear direction about the blog, but then, isn't this how a Consultant's professional life is anyway?


  • Everything Microsoft.

    Extending SharePoint CoreResultsWebPart

    My previous post explained technique of altering the search results presentation using XSLT. Though I prefer using XSLT for presentation related changes, server side changes to search logic is not possible using XSLT. This post describes technique on...
  • Everything Microsoft.

    Creating Content Types

    Content Types in SharePoint 2007 is a powerful mechanism to put content into a lifecycle. Mostly it is used to associate metadata with content, which can be useful for searching. Other content type features, such as workflows, information management policies...
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