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Architects Rule!

Community blog for architects in the Belgium and Luxembourg region moderated by Bart Vande Ghinste, Enterprise Architect for Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg.

July, 2009

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About Architecture Rule!

The purpose of this blog is to become the Belgian & Luxembourg community blog of people interested in IT architecture in the broad sense of the word and having a particular interest for MS related architectural matters.   Your interaction will be greatly appreciated and I hope to meet a lot of you in person in the months and years to come!

  • Architects Rule!

    CIO: Put Business Technology Maturity In 2010 Plan

    CIOs: Put Business Technology Leadership Maturity In Your 2010 Strategic Plan Technology is business and we can't run our companies without it. Business Technology (BT) is the largest single technology-management transition you will face over the next...
  • Architects Rule!

    A live, mission critical, Silverlight 3 RIA at launch

    Continental Airlines Revolutionizes Their Call Center With Silverlight 3.  This shows Silverlight’s maturity and that is has evolved from media engine to a full fledged application platform.  Continental didn’t take the Silverlight seriously...
  • Architects Rule!

    Survey Finds BPM Projects Lack Architecture

    Organizations embarking on business process management need to bring in IT architects earlier in the process, according to a report released last week. Only 52 percent of organizations classified as leaders have enterprise architecture teams leading their...
  • Architects Rule!

    Windows Azure Official Pricings

    During the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2009 yesterday, we announced the business and partner model for the Windows Azure platform including service level agreements and support programs:
  • Architects Rule!

    Hybrid architecture based on SOA and ROA

    ARCast.TV - Implementing a Hybrid Architecture Based on SOA and ROA in the Enterprise In this interview, Kevin Israel , Visual Studio Team System MVP , shares with Zhiming Xue his thoughts on implementation of a hybrid architecture based on SOA and ROA...
  • Architects Rule!

    Study Paris to improve your IT architecture

      The IT architecture of a typical company is an aging maze of applications, hardware, and networks that undermines rather than promotes corporate strategic goals. Senior IT managers should study another complicated set of systems—the infrastructure...
  • Architects Rule!

    The architect profession according to Forrester

    Forrester: Inquiry Spotlight: Developing Architects, Q2 2009 Abstract Whether you're an architect yourself or you have architects reporting to you, you've probably wondered: What does it take to be an architect? We analyzed more than 60 inquiry questions...
  • Architects Rule!

    Bing vs. Google: do the test

    Ever since Bing’s launch, there’s been a lot of talk about which search engine is doing a better job. Can Bing compare to Google? Does it do a better job? Or does it do well with some queries and not others? If you’ve had trouble making up your mind about...
  • Architects Rule!

    7 July release of the new .NET Services CTP

    On 7 July we will release the new .NET Services CTP. As part of this update, the workflow service will be (temporarily) removed . Key Points - The .NET Services and the .NET Services portal will be unavailable on 7 July between 9am and 3pm PST for maintenance...
  • Architects Rule!

    P&P : Acceptance Test Engineering Guide

    Microsoft patterns & practices is excited to announce the latest addition to  the p&p library of software engineering guidance: Quick Links – Codeplex site: Common Scenarios – How to Plan for Acceptance...
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