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Architects Rule!

Community blog for architects in the Belgium and Luxembourg region moderated by Bart Vande Ghinste, Enterprise Architect for Microsoft Belgium and Luxembourg.

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  • Blog Post: Comparing Megavendors IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and SAP in SaaS

    Shift in application architecture over the years A critical shift in the concept of an "application" is well under way. Once end users stopped creating their own monolithic applications, applications became vendor-constructed monoliths — mass-market-focused bundles of black-box or opaque functionality...
  • Blog Post: SOA and BPM: you can't have the one without the other?

    SOA is about obtaining better enterprise agility is BPM... SOA is about interconnecting "stovepiped" applications is BPM... SOA has business aspects and technological aspects has BPM... Articles about SOA usually contain info about BPM as if it was a part of SOA: having...
  • Blog Post: BizTalk extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation first CTP

    As we know WF and Biztalk are related and both have their strenghts and weaknesses: Windows Workflow Foundation provides a new programming model that developers can use for declaratively creating business logic in software. BizTalk Server provides an enterprise class server with tools for IT...
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