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Adventures in Windows Setup Automation

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    Installing the IPv6 interface in Win2k3 SP1 WinPE

    Installing a dual-stack networking interface to allow both IPv4 and IPv6 clients is possible very easily on the full version of Win2k3 SP1 and WinXP SP2, it is a simple matter of running the following command line: netsh interface ipv6 install If...
  • Archon Team

    Adding Mass Storage (and other) Drivers to a WinPE Image

    Working in the Windows Setup team means we have to support a massive amount of hardware, which can vary tremendously across the company. This includes brand new machines that don’t have in box drivers or beta hardware that might have custom drivers. We use WinPE as our safe OS for automating Windows Setup installations so we must be able to update our images for widespread support. Installing a mass storage driver in WinPE is a little different to installing a regular driver, although no more di...
  • Archon Team

    Multi Boot Partition Tricks with the Windows Bootloaders

    Say you’re wanting to run multiple installs of windows on multiple partitions, but you want to make sure that one install of windows doesn’t affect the other in any way. Why would you want to do this? The perfect example is if you’ve got a new version of windows currently installed and you want to dual boot an older one. Another reason to do this is to enable proper testing of a OS in an automated scenario....
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