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  • Blog Post: An Rx-Enabled WPF AutoComplete TextBox - Part 2/2

    In my last blog post I described the general idea of using Rx to handle typical query situation with all their pitfalls. Let us take the idea one step further in developing a WPF control that directly makes use of Rx. The source code excerpts in this post are simplified and I tried to focus just on the...
  • Blog Post: An Rx-Enabled WPF AutoComplete TextBox - Part 1/2

    In this blog post we will focus on the Rx aspects of developing an autocomplete feature. In the next blog post we are going to work on a re-usable WPF auto-complete TextBox that uses Rx under the covers. Some months ago I delivered a Workshop on Reactive Extensions (Rx). If you never heard about Rx...
  • Blog Post: A Simple SelectAll Behavior for TextBoxes

    Not exactly a brand new topic in the area of WPF development are attached behaviors. However, in my opinion, they should be used more often - that's why I decided to write about it. Let us start from the beginning. What is an attached behavior? From a high level perspective attached behaviors allow...
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