A bit about myself.  I'm an SDET (Software Design Engineer in Test) working on the front end of the Visual C++ compiler.  My day-to-day tasks include running tests, investigating results, submitting bugs, and writing tests to provide extra coverage on existing and new features.  That's pretty much what I do, day in and day out.  At the time of this writing, my tenure at Microsoft measures mere months.

I aspire to no lofty goals: I'm nobody special.  I didn't invent this language.  I'd no more give a talk at a conference than run the New York Marathon.  My intent is not to provide a single source for all information about the new C++ implementation of CLR features.  But if you've never used the language before, or you're coming from Managed Extensions, you might find a useful bit here and there on my blog - assuming you can wade through the tripe.

I had another blog.  It was here, but the powers-that-be decided to freeze all the blogs hosted there, and offer to migrate us here, to ASP.NET.  While my content won't really be related to ASP.NET, it is a convenient place to put my weblog, and really my only option at this time, other than setting up a blog myself (I don't really have the time), or discontinuing my blog completely, which would be a disservice to my constant readership (2 confused people who were looking for Anna Kournikova pictures, and a very attentive dustball).  Anyhow, hopefully the content from there will be moved here, but there aren't any guarantees at this time.