I Love that New Syntax Smell

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June, 2004

  • I Love that New Syntax Smell

    VC++ Whidbey Beta1 Ships!

    Finally! VC++ 2005 Beta1 has dropped, and we had a little party last Friday to celebrate. It was nothing fancy, and I spent most of my time playing bridge in a corner. The full beta is only available to MSDN Subscribers now, and selected partners, but...
  • I Love that New Syntax Smell

    A Bug's Life

    How do bugs in the VC++ compiler go from discovery, to fix, to maintainance?...
  • I Love that New Syntax Smell

    QA Mode

    This will be the first post in a new category, “A day in the life.“ Through these posts, I hope to provide some background into what QA for the compiler team is like. Hopefully, you won't think I'm a bungling idiot. So, to get the ball rolling, I thought I might try and give a bit of perspective as to how we sometimes stumble across bugs....
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