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  • Blog Post: Online Chat: Visual C++ 2005 Beta

    We're having an online VC++ chat this coming Thursday. I and several of my coworkers from all areas of the product (IDE, front-end, back-end, etc.) will be available for questions. If you're interested in attending, here's the announcement they asked us blog hosters to post: Join the Visual C++ team...
  • Blog Post: The CLR team is looking for a few good people

    Joel just posted over on his blog that the CLR team has some open headcount - they're looking to fill a few positions. I can say that working for Microsoft has been one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my short life (pay no attention to the fact that I'm posting this on a Saturday...
  • Blog Post: Whoops.

    Sometimes, its good to check the blogs.msdn.com aggregator . I was linked by Five Testers from VC today, whom I kept meaning to link, except that I could never remember what their URL is. One of them is my boss's boss, and the guy who convinced me that VC is where I should be (and he was very correct...
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