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  • Blog Post: Corrections, explanations, etc.

    First, I should apologize for the lack of postings lately.  A combination of server downtime/outages and apathy have kept me from making postings.  Now that we're back up, I think I should clarify some of what I've said. Value types aren't as grand as I make them out to be.  They...
  • Blog Post: Context-sensitive keywords

    If you've used Managed Extensions, you're familiar with the CLR types that __gc and __value exposed.  These have now been replaced with the context-sensitive keywords ref and value . Context-sensitive keywords?   That's right.  We've made huge efforts (especially with respect...
  • Blog Post: That crazy GC Heap

    If you're like me, the whole idea of a garbage collected heap seems, at first, contrarian to the C++ coder's mentality.  As a breed, we'd prefer to handle memory (de-)allocations completely on our own.  But if you're like me, and you've spent hours trying to figure out where that memory...
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