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  • Blog Post: Windows Forms III - Dynamic Layout

    I'm not going to belabor my blog with yet another code explanation. I've converted the dynamic layout example (found here ) from C# to C++. It isn't especially interesting, but it is good groundwork for later examples and projects. Get the code! You can download this dynamic layout example here ....
  • Blog Post: Hello World from Windows Forms, MK II.

    Now that we've gotten our feet wet, it's time to try something a bit more complicated. We'll include a TextBox and a Button in this example, and also take a quick look at how we wire up events on actions like button clicks. I'm going to be skipping the explanation for code that we've already seen, and...
  • Blog Post: Hello World from Windows Forms!

    It begins... This will be a new series of articles. I'll start with some ports of existing samples (from here ), and move into some original material. I want to take a Managed C++ (and specifically a Whidbey C++) approach to Windows Forms, and investigate what exactly we can do with this powerful library...
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