WinFX enthusiasts and early adopters have probably noticed by now the Go-Live agreements that are available for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) with the recent January CTP of WinFX – and are probably wondering why there isn’t a program for Windows Presentation Foundation?

As one of the key folks involved in making that decision – one of the main reasons was around the differences between server and client based scenarios. WCF and WF have more of a server-based scenario, where the bits get deployed in fairly controlled environments such as enterprises. This controlled environment allows for easy recovery of the state of the machines via critical updates, in the event something goes wrong. Hence it made sense for these technologies to have a Go-Live. WPF has more of a client-based scenario, where the bits get deployed on a great number of consumer PCs. You as developers or ISVs may not always be able to restore the state of your customers'/consumers' PC via Microsoft critical updates, in the event something goes wrong. Given the differences between a server-based scenario and client-based scenario – we wanted to make sure that we had the appropriate coverage across the breadth of machines so that people will have a great experience with the applications that are available with the Go-Live license.

Will there be a WPF Go-Live?  Definitely.  Stay tuned for more information.

Let me know any other questions and comments about this and I'll do my best to answer.