Next week, I'll be at TechEd Israel and will be giving a few talks around WPF.  In particular I'll be covering two main topic areas:

  • A Developers Overview Of Windows Presentation Foundation -- I'll cover the basics and show some finished applications.  Should be a good intro for folks who haven't seen any WPF -- and I hope to show some good demos of many of the features (and some of the partners) that will be using WPF.
  • Interoperability with Windows Forms.  I'll cover the details around "Crossbow" (the WPF/Windows Forms integration layer). I'll also cover some of the challenges around mixing content -- and try to explain enough about the WPF architecture to explain what the differences are.

Anything else people would like me to cover? Anybody going to be there and have additional questions around WPF? I'd love to meet up...