It's official - I have been bitten by the Blogging Bug. Came home rather late last night (after 12 hours in the office), fed the dogs, logged on and thought 'better write something' and as midnight came and went, I was still in full flow! And here I am pre-8am on a Saturday morning at it again. At last - a New Year's Resolution that finally made it into the gym.

I must offer a BIG thank you to Chris for biting the bullet on my behalf - and kindly posting the first two blogs about Armadillo's and Offshoring. I see Chris has the Web 2.0 bug currently too. He'll be helping me make it look good next week.

Thanks too to Steve - aka Geek in Disguise - for the constant badgering - a popular alternative to 'armadilloing' in parts of Somerset :-) and for introducing us to the fabulous Blue Monster! What quickly became our team mantra is now making it's way around Microsoft. Love it.