This past weekend I had two tasks I wanted to accomplish:

  1. Buy a new watch
  2. See michaelb's baby

What I actually did:

  • Saturday
    Went to Fry's, bought some component cable
    Went to see Once Upon a Time in Mexico.  It was interesting to note that the teenagers didn't seem to enjoy the movie very much, probably because they've never seen El Mariachi or Desperado.
  • Sunday
    Went to Home Depot & Staples to pick up random tools and things
    Helped my friend, Jason, (bi)wire up his new speakers

Which brings me to the real reason for this post.  Jason's new speakers are quite impressive, to say the least.  He had broken them in over the past month with some generic Radio Shack cable.  Yesterday we broke out the real cable and we had enough left over to bi-wire the front left & rights (note: they actually support tri-wiring!).  Anyway, after a bit of fine tuning, we started throwing every acoustically impressive CD and DVD at it and it sounded quite good.

I think an SACD player may be next in line.