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September, 2003

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    MCMS Technical Architecture

    We just released a great whitepaper that describes MCMS 2002 Technical Architecture in-depth. I highly encourage you to check it out at  in the MCMS section. On a side note, just got back from the...
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    Vacation for 1 week

    I'm taking the next 5 days off to visit family and friends. I won't have access to a computer so I won't be blogging during the week.
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    WW Partner Conference

    I will be speaking at the World Wide Partner Conference, October 9-11, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center (MCC) in New Orleans, LA. I'm giving a talk about portal solutions using SPS and the E-Business Server products (CMS, CS). I'll specifically...
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    SPS and MCMS

    Over lunch today, someone asked me when the SPS and MCMS integration pack was releasing. The current plan of record is to release a public beta of the SPS/MCMS integration pack in October and release the final pack by end of this calendar year. ...
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    more whitepapers: multilingual and extending web author

    It's Friday and some good news. The Multilingual Whitepaper and Extending Web Author Whitepapers have been published. Both whitepapers are really good - easy to read and actionable as they both have good samples.
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    site navigation

    If you are looking to make nicer looking navigation with little effort, check out this article.  This was pointed out by Mark Harrison  who's a MSFT Portal technologies expert and lives in the UK. He has written some books...
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    cell phones

    I have a Samsung 8500. I was really tempted to get a new phone with imbedded Bluetooth technology and a camera yesterday, but decided against it. Though people in the US are getting better and better cell phones, the average consumer doesn't have a...
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    MCMS Performance

    I've seen a lot of requests around a whitepaper on performance and deployment. We have a greenbook that recently released that is available for download . Unfortunately, it's not linked from the MSDN and TechNet sites just yet. :-( - I'll ping the...
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    conversation over lunch

    We had a great summer in Redmond/Seattle this year.... but it's coming to an end. It's raining and the temperature is 61 degrees fahrenheit. As for lunch, I had lunch with an EBiz Specialist - Owen Allen . Owen's planning to write some nifty...
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    Building Custom Placeholder Server Controls

    One of my personal favorite features of MCMS 2002 is the placeholder framework - the ability to build your custom placeholder server controls. This is one of the most powerful features because it enables you to allow your content contributors to manage...
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    MCMS Monthly Chats every 4th Thursday

    MCMS Monthly Chats every 4th Thursday of every month from 10am to 11am PST. For more information, visit
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