Microsoft recently announced the release of MCMS Standard Edition targeted to release by end of calendar year. At US $6,999 per proc, the Standard Edition of MCMS is great for medium businesses who want content management in their organizations but don't need the scalability of the Enterprise Edition version. This doesn't include any discounting either.

From a technical standpoint, it's identical to EE except with a few restrictions:

1. Only 15 total users across all MCMS groups except subscriber groups

2. 1 processor affinity - you can install SE on a multi-proc box but it will only bind to one proc.

3. No load balancing when serving up your content to subscribers.

4. No Site Stager support - you can't stage your site

5. No host header support

Besides the above restrictions, same development and deployment story. Also, there is a smooth upgrade path from SE to EE. :-)