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October, 2004

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    The curse is reversed?

    It was the 9th inning. The Red Sox were up. I still remember that night. My friends were at my house and before the game was over, everyone was beginning to go home. The Red Sox had won the World Series... or had they? The Mets came back to win Game 6...
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    Go Red Sox!

    Ok. So I'm not a big baseball fan. But when it comes to the Red Sox against the Yankees, it's Red Sox all the way. Ortiz is the man. If the Sox can come back and win it from 3-0, that will be the sweetest victory ever. Go Sox!
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    next version

    I've received several emails asking me what's coming in the next version of our portal technologies. I can assure you that we have a solid plan in place to deliver great technology based on customer and partner feedback. Unfortunately, I can't share that...
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    CMS at my Alma Matter

    I'm not sure how many people know, but MIT uses CMS to manage its courses online. A few years ago, MIT announced a very forward thinking initiative - to make all its courseware available, free of charge, to the greater community. Today, the OpenCourseWare...
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    Using the word SharePoint

    If you say SharePoint 2003, my respected colleague down the hall from me, Mike Fitzmaurice, won't be very happy. You see, SharePoint 2003 really doesn't make sense; it doesn't mean anything. Tell that to the authors of Microsoft SharePoint 2003 Unleashed...
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    Integration with SharePoint Products and Technologies

    If you have existing investments, you should use them. From an infrastructure standpoint it's always ideal to have one uber repository, one uber solution that solves all your problems. However, that's not always practical. Migration of content takes time...
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    SharePoint Webcasts

    Here is a list of SharePoint Webcasts that you can view on-demand. They cover a variety of great topics. You can find a list of web casts at TechNet Webcast: Project 2003: Integration...
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    SharePoint Resources

    I just spent some time adding links to my blog to some of the SharePoint resources. Take a look on the left hand side. There are a lot of resources, downloads, whitepapers and samples available out there... I'll continue adding more links over time. Here...
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    Trip to the Dominican Republic

    I recently went to the Dominican Republic (DR) to visit a SharePoint customer. Here's a picture with me (in the middle), the Microsoft Dominican Republic Team and Rem from Captaris Teamplate (in the white shirt). I really enjoyed my time in DR. The people...
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    Single Item Security

    One of the most frequently made comments: I want my Single Item Security! It reminds me of the old MTV ads. It's true that we don't have single item security in the most recent editions of Windows SharePoint Services and SharePoint Portal Server. Having...
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    sharepoint workflow

    I recently visited a customer who asked what their workflow options were for their SharePoint solutions. Some of the workflow options are the following: 1. Out of the box, there is basic approval. You can modify a Document Library settings so that content...
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