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July, 2005

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    texas holdem advice for beginners

    I had an interesting conversation with a poker beginner recently. So I thought I'd blog about it. It's rather interesting to watch new poker players... they tend to lay down "good cards" early or, more often, they tend to hold on to bad cards until...
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    SPS Search Customization

    Stewart Frey has posted search customizations tip at . Check it out if you get a chance - it's a quick way to enable boolean searches.
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    My Response to Drip's Article

    I just read Ed Brill's blog entry on Drip's article and noticed the comment he made on my response. On the negative side, Shah seems to take the approach of "you are ill-informed, therefore you are wrong". He, too, attacks the author rather than the...
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    Best CMS/SharePoint Blog

    In my opinion, the best blog out there for new information on CMS and SharePoint Products and Technologies is Mark Harrison's blog @ . Mark blogs on a near-daily basis and posts high-quality information. If...
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    Mike Drip's entertaining article on "SharePoint"

    This blog entry has been rewritten to focus on the content of the article. I came across Mike Drip's article recently that is published on I don't feel the content of the article provides constructive feedback or solutions to SharePoint...
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    TechEd Europe 2005

    It was great to see so many people at TechEd Europe. There's clearly a lot of excitement for SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio.NET 2005. Selfishly speaking, A LOT of excitement for SharePoint Products and Technologies & CMS. One of the repeating questions...
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