Most people I talk to use Google for Internet search. Google returns relevant results fast.

Over the last few years, Microsoft has made a ton of progress with Internet search ( In fact, I can now say that Live Search is at least as good as Google search. In some cases, it's actually better! The local maps integration is better - so if you're looking for a specific place, Live search does a better job of showing you. In the past, I was trying to be a good corporate citizen by using Microsoft search... but now I can confidently say that it -is- better. In fact, I only use for search.

In any case, I don't think people will move to search overnight. Google has a ton of mindshare so users will only move to if offers other tangible benefits... but if I were Google, I would be very scared. :-)

I actually moved several friends and family to search... at first they didn't believe me, but after checking it out themselves, they did find that was as good and in some cases better than Google... and now have switched! In fact, one of these ex-Google search users found this interesting search result from when you search for "search" as the search phrase. Interesting, huh? Even Google admits Live search is better. :-P