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July, 2007

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    SharePoint Data View Part Magic and Search

    This week has been busy with Tech Ready in town! Tech Ready is Microsoft's technical conference for the field. We host it twice a year. It's a great event because it provides an excellent forum for connecting with different people WW. In any case,...
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    SharePoint Web Service Example – Grabbing Wiki Content

    I presented a session at Tech Ready (Microsoft internal conference) yesterday. One of the samples I showed was how information can be consumed from a SharePoint web service and repurposed. The specific example was taking the Wiki content we host internally...
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    Customizing SharePoint Search

    The following book excerpts are now published on MSDN from Patrick Tisseghem's book : Customizing and Extending the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Search (Part 1 of 2) Customizing and Extending the Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 Search (Part 2...
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    WSS and MOSS SDKs refreshed!

    Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Software Development Kit Download: Page details:
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    WCM Office SharePoint Server Samples

    Recently, Microsoft released a number of WCM samples. Read more about it here . These samples are shared source projects on CodePlex. They give insight into developing custom components on top of Office SharePoint Server for WCM scenarios. CMS 2002 customers...
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    Application Templates “Under the Hood”

    We released 40 WSS Application templates affectionately called "The Fantastic 40" and 7 MOSS My Site Role Based templates called "The Splendid 7". (caveat: I had nothing to do with the naming J ) Customers and partners have shown interest in extending...
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    My TechEd Orlando Presentations

    I just posted my TechEd Presentations from TechEd Orlando. Incidentally, I'm going to start using to post presentations, screenshots and all other content I want to share. If you haven't signed up for Folders Live, check it out...
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    Content on MSDN

    Randall Isenhour just posted a blog entry that links out to a ton of great content on MSDN that his team has published in the last couple of months.
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