First of all, happy new year to everyone! I've been on vacation for the last couple weeks and have another week of vacation left. :-) I just came back from India where our families hosted a wedding reception for friends and family in India. It was amazing... I'll post pictures and news on my personal blog @ in the next week or so. Speaking of which, I'm going to try to post a personal blog entry once a week.

As for my professional life, I've been more focused on the next version of SharePoint technology... consequently, I haven't been blogging too much since much of the information I have to share is under NDA. The next couple months will be busy with our Microsoft internal field conference "Tech Ready" and the upcoming SharePoint Conference ( for our customers and partners. The one thing I can share is that amount of SharePoint Technical Readiness training and content that we're investing in. We've blogged about it on our team blog @ if you've missed it.

Now I'm off to my honeymoon... will be back to work on Feb 1st!