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  • Esoteric

    SQL Worker Thread Stack Sizes

    Recently during some internal discussions we had a lot of talk around the stack sizes for various SQL builds. Here is the summary of that talk: SQL Server Build OS Build Stack Size SQL Server x86 (32-bit) x86 (32-bit) 512 KB SQL Server x86 (32-bit) x64...
  • Esoteric

    'Interesting Events' from ReadTrace

    I'm sure many of you are aware of the wonderful RML Tools (description here and x86 download here ) and specifically the ReadTrace tool. Maybe you are also aware of SQLNexus which relies on ReadTrace for the trace analysis. At some point in time when...
  • Esoteric

    Using PowerShell to cleanup older versions of files

    I only recently started using PowerShell and was amazed with the flexibility and ease of use. Here's a sample script I put together after a few hours of playing around. I have also described the scenario around the requirement for this script. Task at...
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August, 2008