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  • Esoteric

    Reconstructing the SQL Server Best Practices Toolbox

    Till some time ago, I used to direct my customers to for obtaining scripts which use the DMVs in SQL 2005/2008 to retrieve very commonly used performance troubleshooting related information. Those...
  • Esoteric

    Performance Dashboard Reports in SQL Server 2008

    While Activity Monitor in SQL 2008 does a good job depicting waiting tasks, top N queries etc.; many DBAs are simply too familiar with the erstwhile SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports. While officially Microsoft does not support the usage of...
  • Esoteric

    Windows Mobile Device Center: missing Icons

    I recently acquired a new Windows Mobile phone and was using the Windows Mobile Device Center to set up the partnership with my laptop. In the process, I came to a stage where I had to activate IRM as per the steps in Activate Information Rights Management...
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June, 2010