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    Considerations when using the TransactSql.ScriptDOM parsers

    Some of you might be aware of the above namespace , which holds an implementation of a first-class T-SQL parser. In this post I would like to explain some of the complexity you will face when dealing with the ScriptDOM yourselves, typically using Visitor...
  • Esoteric

    Education Resources: Mathematics and Chemistry add-ins

    Kids in school today are more comfortable working with computers than with pen-and-paper. And for kids with special needs it may actually be the only way for them to express themselves. So I always wondered what we can do to make the learning experience...
  • Esoteric

    Getting worker thread IDs using DMVs

    In SQL 2000, the kpid column in sysprocesses was a convenient way to find out the actual worker thread ID (OS level thread identifier) for a given task. How does one do this using the DMVs? Here is a quick way: select R.Session_Id, Th.os_thread_id from...
  • Esoteric

    TechEd India 2013 – Bengaluru

    I just delivered a session on ‘T-SQL Horrors: how NOT to code’ at TechEd India. The response has been great, and those of you who see this after attending my session, thank you very much for your interest and participation! What I appreciate the most...
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March, 2013