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  • Blog Post: Using PowerShell to attach PST files to Outlook

    This one is a really quick note. Yet another example to show off the power of the PowerShell pipeline and its interoperability with the COM world. Recently I had to add 30+ existing PST files to an instance of Outlook. I hate using the mouse and keyboard for repetitive tasks (File –> Open Outlook...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell script to extract T-SQL task code from SSIS packages

    Requirement Some time back I presented a PowerShell script which extracts T-SQL code from RDL files. Remember that I created this script to assist me in doing code reviews of ad-hoc SQL snippets which were embedded in the report definition files. Another common usage of ad-hoc T-SQL code is within...
  • Blog Post: PowerShell script to extract T-SQL code from RDL files

    One of the things I do in my day job at Microsoft Services is to review database design and T-SQL code. Now, when it comes to code, there is a challenge just to find ALL the possible code which hits our database engine. This is because a non-trivial amount of T-SQL code is not in the form of Stored Procedures...
  • Blog Post: T-SQL formatter: a PowerShell script

    This is a ‘quick-and-not-so-dirty’ version of a T-SQL formatter / ‘pretty printer’ in PowerShell. To use this, please install the SQL 2012 SP1 version of the SQLDOM from the Feature Pack page . (If you already have SQL 2012 client tools on your machine, you should be ready to go.) And you will need PowerShell...
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