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  • Blog Post: PowerShell script to extract T-SQL code from RDL files

    One of the things I do in my day job at Microsoft Services is to review database design and T-SQL code. Now, when it comes to code, there is a challenge just to find ALL the possible code which hits our database engine. This is because a non-trivial amount of T-SQL code is not in the form of Stored Procedures...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Report Viewer 2012 update: a ‘gotcha’ to be aware of

    Something which I have been waiting for a long time has finally been released! The ReportViewer 2012 redistributable RTM package is available for download now! Deployment notes FYI, ReportViewer is used by Management Studio (SSMS), other utilities and also by any custom application which uses this to...
  • Blog Post: Hosting ReportServer catalog DBs on older version of SQL database engine

    A FAQ we get is whether it is supported to have the ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB (catalog databases used in SSRS) on an older version of SQL Server (as compared to the version used on SSRS.) Here is the summary answer along with the reference links: For SSRS 2012, it is supported to install the...
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