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  • Blog Post: WOW64 madness: debugging through the confusion

    Last week I was teaching unmanaged code debugging to one of my customers. They were using 32-bit applications on 64-bit servers, which does create some unique problems. For example, capturing a ‘hang’ dump using right click on the Task Manager –> Processes list, will create a ‘64-bit dump’ (if that...
  • Blog Post: A curious case: CLR/COM Interop leak

      Background A customer asked me a question last week: in CLR-COM interop case, who is responsible to free up a string returned from COM? My understanding was that the interop layer setup by .NET will automatically take care of this. However, I thought a mock test would not do any harm. To my surprise...
  • Blog Post: Free training video series: .NET Debugging for production environments

    This is a quick one: my PFE colleagues Brad Linscott and Mario Hewardt have contributed an excellent video series on Channel 9. Check it out NOW at .NET Debugging for the Production Environment ! Awesome stuff!
  • Blog Post: ‘Proof of the pudding’: Global variables and PAGE_EXECUTE_WRITECOPY

    Today I was teaching a debugging class to our customers. As a foundational element we normally review the virtual-to-physical address translation mechanism, at least to a basic level. In this class we decided to go a bit deeper and show the evidence   Background reading First, if you are not familiar...
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