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  • Blog Post: The strange case of the bloated C:\Windows\CSC folder

    A few days ago, when I was working at the office on the corporate network, I had to access a network share containing some installation files. At the time of starting this process, I remember distinctly that my disk free space was around 25GB or thereabouts. A few hours later, I found that my disk free...
  • Blog Post: WOW64 madness: debugging through the confusion

    Last week I was teaching unmanaged code debugging to one of my customers. They were using 32-bit applications on 64-bit servers, which does create some unique problems. For example, capturing a ‘hang’ dump using right click on the Task Manager –> Processes list, will create a ‘64-bit dump’ (if that...
  • Blog Post: Too many files causing RAM pressure? (a.k.a. DynCache to the rescue!)

    Readers of this blog might recall a previous post which described one impact of having too many similarly named files in one folder in NTFS. It turns out that the 8.3 naming convention is not the only thing you need to worry about when you have very large amounts of (smaller) files in the same volume...
  • Blog Post: Debugging story: Slowness due to NTFS short file (8.3) name generation

    When I teach production debugging to my customers, I always tell them that be successful you need to not only know the right tool and command syntax, but also know the right methodology . And perhaps even more importantly when debugging certain types of issues, knowledge of Windows Internals and the...
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