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  • Blog Post: uninstall of clustered SSAS instance may disable “olap redirection service”

    “OLAP redirection service” is the part of SQL browser service that supports SSAS connectivity. If you stick to our recommendation to only use “virtual server name” for connecting to clustered SSAS instances (see previous post:
  • Blog Post: How to connect to clustered Analysis Services instances

    While clustered SSAS instances have been around for a while, we noted that there is still some confusion about the recommended way for connecting to clustered instances and our supportability policy. Let’s start with the hopefully well known behavior for non-clustered SSAS instances. Stand...
  • Blog Post: 1 hour timeout for data imports in Powerpivot for Excel

    This article describes an issue you may face when your data import in Powerpivot for Excel takes longer than 1 hour. Typically you should not run into this type of issue because Powerpivot for Excel was designed as an interactive tool with moderate amounts of data in mind. 1 hour should give you ample...
  • Blog Post: Where do I find Information about Analysis Services?

    The amount of information on SSAS available on the web and in book stores can be overwhelming at times. Quite often we get asked for the "best" information sources for the Analysis Services product. Obviously "the best" information source will depend on your level of experience with SSAS and whether...
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