I'm taking Scoble out of my OPML. It isn't that he talks to much- just that he says too little.  Having an aggregator sort of makes him redundant since 50% of his posts are "[X] says [Y]" and I am usually subscribed to [X] anyway. I'll make sure to check out his site periodically, but with his current signal/noise ratio I don't need him on my desktop.

And I'm also getting tired of all the gratuitous posts Scoble is indirectly responsible for.  :)

Added:   This came off kind of harsh. So I'll just state for the record that I enjoy reading Scoble and I really like his style.  But I blog for work & browse for fun so in my book Scoble belongs in my favorites instead of in my OPML.  Right between /. and userfriendly...