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March, 2004

  • Santomania

    How to display data from an InfoPath form inside WSS/SPS web parts (without coding)

    A nice connect-the-dots explanation is up on MSD2D.COM which shows how to hook up a data web part to an Infopath form library under WSS. It isn't very hard to do if you know how, but this tip shows a simple solution without any coding. Great for newbie...
  • Santomania

    [OT] Hellboy Rocks

    I just saw the sneak preview of HELLBOY in New York, complete with a short introduction from Ron Perlman & Selma Blair . And they gave away cool Hellboy posters on the way out :) Without giving away too much (if the trailers haven't already) let me...
  • Santomania

    This is either brilliant or embarassing, or both.

    I was deploying a webservice onto a SharePoint box when I got the “Debugging is not supported under current trust settings” error. So, I Google the error message and guess what is Google's number #1 search result ? :)
  • Santomania

    BizTalk Server Adapter for SharePoint Libraries

    This adapter makes SharePoint libraries accessible to BizTalk Server 2004 to provide an end-to-end integration path from the Office System 2003 applications to back-end enterprise systems.
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