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August, 2005

  • Santomania

    ILMerge - Merge your entire solution into a single assembly!

    This is so cool... I can't wait to get home and try it out! "ILMerge is a utility for merging multiple .NET assemblies into a single...
  • Santomania

    It sure is quiet around here...

    Wow, long time with no posts... To everyone who contacted me recently regarding BlogWave, WSSDAL or anything else - I've been working through some technical difficulties. My home development server died (HW related), my cable service went out for 10 days...
  • Santomania

    [OT] The problem with foolproof software is...

    "We keep trying to make our software foolproof. The problem is that the universe keeps coming up with bigger fools". I don't know where I first heard that, but it has become one of my favorite sayings. Unfortunately, it seems that lately the fools...
  • Santomania

    Setting up a .NET Development Tree

    Not new but worth mentioning anyway: Mike Robert treats us to a detailed recipe for building up a development tree, from creating the initial directory structures through automated builds and unit tests. Available here (HTML) and here (PDF) And...
  • Santomania

    [OT] Overclocking yourself

    [OT] = Off-Topic... Tom's hardware guide has an article on " Overclocking Yourself " : "There comes a point in every programmer's life when the strings and tags no longer make sense, the eyes feel heavy and the fingers numb upon the keyboard...
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