Ordered test is a type of test in Visual Studio 2010  that contains other tests and provides capability of running them in the specified order. Ordered test supports timeout and if you are using its timeout, you should be aware of following: -

  • Every test by default has a timeout of 30 min and it applies for ordered test as well. This means that if you have a child unit test with timeout of 40 min and default timeout for its parent ordered test, ordered test will timeout after 30 min and will abort the child test.


  • Ordered test honors the timeout of its child tests.  This means that if you have an ordered test with timeout of 10 min and a single child test with timeout of 5 min, then ordered test will wait for the child test to complete till 5 min and abort it if it does not.


  • Ordered test timeout can be changed via the test view’s property window (Test View –> select ordered test –> Properties window) or via the test settings.