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May, 2008

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    The Next Revolution in Productivity - Harvard Business Review Article Related to MSBA

    I got my monthly issue of HBR this weekend and was really pleased to see the article "The Next Revolution in Productivity" by Ric Merrifield, Jack Calhoun and Dennis Stevens. For those of you who've followed my posts on Business Architecture and Capabilities...
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    Web Crawler in VPL/DSS

    In another weekend project down in sunny Buenos Aires the prolific Angel "Java" Lopez has (re)written a web crawler sample app we had from another project so it can be used in the VPL in MRDS. Check it out here . I had some minor Visual Studio version...
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    Mexico Regional Architect Forum 2008

    Last week I had loads of fun delivering a CCR-DSS-Robotics presentation at the Mexico Regional Architects Forum (RAF) in Mexico City. There’s something wonderful about this technology that set many people abuzz and I had some great conversations and brainstorming...
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    RoboChamps has launched! I've been on the road in Latin America so am late to make this announcement as I was really busy. But better late than never as they say. Robotics = Services + Orchestration so it could prove really interesting - intellectually...
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