June, 2009

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    Video Playback in XNA Game Studio 3.1

    Michael did a post some time back to give an overview of the new video playback feature. Here’re some additional tips that might help - Adding video to your project In a nutshell - make sure your videos are encoded with Windows Media Video v9...
  • Cooking with Code

    SoundEffect API Changes in Game Studio 3.1

    Shawn beat me to the punch and did this great post on the changes to the SoundEffect API in XNA GS 3.1. Here’re some tips if you’re trying to migrate your 3.0 code to the new release. “Fire and Forget” Playback SoundEffect.Play methods are now...
  • Cooking with Code

    Greetings Fellow Humans

    Here I am, a little late to the MSDN blog party. But then again, my timing might not be so bad after all. Yesterday we announced the release of XNA Game Studio 3.1 . Having spent a great deal of 2009 working on this baby it’s absolutely awesome to see...
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