Kudos to the Internet Explorer team, but not just because they delivered an early preview of the latest and greatest browser. Sure the HTML5 support, the new parallel processing script engine and improved standards support are all great. But what I think is really commendable is the fact that the IE blog allows open comments on their entries.

Allowing comments on a blog seems something really obvious right? But don’t go looking for a place to comment on the Google Chrome blog or Mozilla blog. None of these so called proponents of open web are open enough to offer people a place to express their views below their blog entries. And how about Apple Safari? Well they don’t even seem to have a blog at all.

It might seem a very obvious thing to do but not many corporate blogs allow  their readers a place to comment and express their views on their blogs. For past few years, IE hasn’t particularly been the most favorite browser of the developer community. But rather than run away or suppress the criticism, the IEBlog has provided an open platform for everybody on the Internet who cared to share their point of view.

So congratulations IE on the new IE9 preview and for keeping the communication channel open and easily accessible for the web developer community. Kudos!