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What does “recommended security and compatibility settings” in IE 9 first-run wizard mean?

What does “recommended security and compatibility settings” in IE 9 first-run wizard mean?

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By default, each user is prompted to choose 1 of below 2 options at the first run of IE 9.

·         “Use recommended security and compatibility settings”

·         “Don’t use recommended settings”


If you choose the first option, below 2 registry key values will be set to 1,


             HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\BrowserEmulation\MSCompatibilityMode

If this key is set to 1, IE will download a site compatibility list from Microsoft website. The list contains compatibility information of some websites. IE renders the websites in a specific compatibility mode based on the list. See


             HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\PhishingFilter\EnabledV9

If this key is set to 1, IE9 will enable SmartScreen filter version 9(compared to version 8 in IE 8). For more information regarding SmartScreen, refer


Note that both keys are set to HKCU, so that users can have isolated settings.


In case the second option is chosen, IE will set the above 2 key values to 0.



Juntao Zhu from APGC DSI Team

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  • How the hell do you open this window to make the setting. Perhaps that piece of useful information might have been included. Typical.

  • They didn't open that window to make that setting, that window comes when you first install that version of IE, I recently installed a new version of IE and saw the same window

  • @Irv Because. Windows.

  • ralph, if you don't know how to make these changes as described, then its probably good you go teach yourself about registry settings BEFORE you try this.

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