When configuring a URL in Outlook as a folder’s “Home Page”, if URL has ModelessDialog child window pop up, the dialogArguments parameter cannot be passed to ModelessDialog from parent page.

This issue happens on computer with IE11 and Outlook2010 or Outlook2013.

An Example for pattern description:


1. In Outlook, create a “test” folder and set URL as its Home Page in “test Properties” window with check “Show home page by default for this folder”.

2. Click test folder and see the home page.

3. Click the “Display Modeless Dialog” button on that page, then it will pop the webpage dialog.

4. Type “Test” to the text box in the webpage dialog and Click Apply or OK.


Once “Apply” or “OK” being clicked, ModelessDialog will get dialogArguments parameter of parent page and update its value.

function fnGetInfo()


var sData = dialogArguments;

sData.sUserName = oEnterName.value;



In Home Page on Outlook, the value “Test” in parent window was matched with the one in ModelessDialog. That means dialogArguments parameter was accessed by ModelessDialog successfully.



In Home Page on Outlook, there is no change in parent window. The dialogArguments was not passed to ModelessDialog from parent window and dialogArguments is an “undefined” at this point.


If under below configuration, the result is as expected.

1) Outlook 2010 + IE9.

2) Outlook 2010 + IE10.

3) Outlook 2013 + IE9.

4) Outlook 2013 + IE10.

5) Using IE9/IE10/IE11 to open the URL directly without configured in Outlook.


1) On IE11 installed computer, open CMD window as admin.

2) Run “regedit”.

3) Enter into below path and add below registry key(REG_DWORD):


outlook.exe = 1

4) Reboot Outlook.exe, then find the value in dialogArguments was transferred between ModelessDialog and parent window successfully.


Xiaoman from GBSD DSI Team