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  • Blog Post: Why DTCTester always fails on windows Server 2008 Cluster even DTCPing test succeeds

    Symptom Suppose we have a windows server 2008 cluster and a clustered SQL instance. We have a dedicated MSDTC resource (DTC1), and another DTC resource (DTC2) in SQL group as well . No matter DTCPing test to the DTC1 or DTC2, or WINRM test to DTC1 or DTC2, we always succeed. While we use DTCTester...
  • Blog Post: How to configure shared MSDTC resource for Windows 2008 Failover Cluster

    In this document, I'd like to give you some brief ideas about how to configure MSDTC resource in Windows 2008 Failover cluster environment. I suppose you have successfully setup windows failover cluster. If you haven't, please refer to the following articles to setup.
  • Blog Post: Problem on Updating ASP.NET Web Content in Failover Cluster

    ASP/ASP.NET allows you to change web site content when the site is alive on IIS. But recently we find a problem in IIS failover cluster . Issue This is a failover cluster of two IIS 6 servers, and we have a test web site on them which contains a simple HTML page and an ASPX page. The web site is...
  • Blog Post: How does client communicate with MSDTC Cluster?

    Recently I got several calls from customers or internal about how MSDTC clients talks to MSDTC Cluster, this decides how to configure the firewall between them. As we know, as a cluster resource, MSDTC has its virtual name and virtual IP address in a cluster group. When a MSDTC client tries to...
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