AsiaTech: Microsoft APGC Internet Developer Support Team

We focus on various troubleshooting plan and solution on IIS web platform and distributed applications


The CSS Academy Workshops here are designed to help our Premier Enterprise customers in Asia Region to enhance specific capabilities on quick deployment and effective use of Microsoft technologies to realize full potential.

Our workshops focus on important knowledges regarding new technologies, best developing and deployment practices in Internet Developing/Troubleshooting area. They are designed based on our real-world experience supporting numerous of enterprise customers worldwide over a decade.

In each of these workshops, you will learn from top Microsoft enterprise support experts on what to do and what to avoid in various scenarios, practice core skills from our hosted lab environment right from your desktop, and have live dialogue with our experts on how you can use Microsoft technologies even more effectively in your organization.

The Workshops delivery modes are flexible and easily to touch. We provide Remote LiveMeeting Presentation and Remote Hands-On Lab for you to practice in a virtual and real-time environment right from your PC.

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Available Catalogs


No.1001                 HTML5

No.1002                 ASP.Net 4.5 New Features

No.1003                 IE10 Compatibility

No.1004                 IE10 for Developers

No.1005                 IIS 8 New Features

No.1006                 Plugin-Free Web Development on IE10

No.1007                 Touch-Friendly Web Development on IE10