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ASP.Net 4.5 New Features


No.1002                                  ASP.Net 4.5 New Features


This workshop will provide you capabilities to be an experienced expert of ASP.Net 4.5 application developer. The workshop introduces ASP.Net 4.5 new features. It's aimed to build skills required to developer high quality, secure ASP.Net 4.5 application.
If you are an ASP.Net developer, Consultant or architecture who is involved or plans to get involved in ASP.Net project, this workshop is for you.

·         Master ASP.Net 4.5 new features

·         Increase service availability and decrease down time

·         Reduce support costs

·         Utilize practical recommendations

ASP.Net 4.5

·         16 hours: 8 hours presentation + 4 hour demo + 4 hours Hands-On Lab


·         Remote LiveMeeting Presentation

·         Demonstration in LiveMeeting

·         Remote Hands-On Lab for you to practice in a virtual and real-time environment right from your PC

ASP.Net 4.5 New Featues

·         Core Runtime

·         Web Form

·         Web Pages 2

·         MVC 4

Remote Hands-On Lab

·         Web Form

·         Web Pages 2

·         MVC 4




·         ASP.Net Offical Web Site







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