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IE10 for Developers


No.1004                                   IE10 for Developers


This workshop will provide you capabilities to develop web apps based on new web standards. The workshop introduces the new architecture of IE10, and the development of web apps which support HTML5, CSS3, ECMAScript 5, etc. It also introduces the compatibility of IE10 and the feature of F12 developer toolbar.
If you are a web developer, Consultant or Administrator who is involved or plans to resolve website compatible issues on IE10, or you are interested in Metro Style app development with HTML5+Javascript+CSS3, this capability workshop is for you.

·         Learn new features of IE10

·         Learn HTML5

·         Learn CSS3

·         Learn website compatibility problems

·         Learn web debugging skills

Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8

·         40 hours: 30 hours presentation + 5 hours demo + 5 hours Remote Hands-On Lab


·         Remote LiveMeeting Presentation

·         Demonstration in LiveMeeting

·         Remote Hands-On Lab for you to practice in a virtual and real-time environment right from your PC


·         IE10 Architecture

·         CSS3

·         DOM Enhancement

·         HTML5

·         Javascript

·         IndexedDB


·         SVG

·         Compatibility

·         F12 developer toolbar




·         Windows Internet Explorer 10 Guide for Developers

·         IE blog


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