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Touch-Friendly Web Development on IE10


No.1007                 Touch-Friendly Web Development on IE10


This workshop will provide you capabilities to develop mordern web applications which supports multi-touch experiences on IE10. This workshop provides the simple guidelines to ensure your customers who use touch can most effectively browse your website.
If you are a web developer, Consultant or Administrator who is involved or plans to develop touch-friendly web applications for IE10, this capability workshop is for you.

·         Migrate your website to multi-touch experiences

·         Learn how IE10 supports touch input

·         Learn morden web development technique


Internet Explorer 10, Windows 8

·         8 hours: 6 hours presentation + 1 hour demo + 1 hour lab


·         Remote LiveMeeting Presentation

·         Demonstration in LiveMeeting

·         Onsite delivery


·         Brief introduction of Metro IE10

·         The basic guidline of touch-friendly development

·         Touch and Gesture

·         Panning and Zooming

·         The CSS for touch

·         The support of flash


·         Windows Internet Explorer 10 Guide for Developers

·         IE blog


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