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July, 2012

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I am a Premier Field Engineer (PFE) working with Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) that develop solutions using Microsoft Technologies.  This affords me the opportunity to travel to many different places to work with customers that are doing a lot of interesting things with Microsoft Software.  When onsite, I am working with customers to help resolve performance issues or to find better ways to implement solutions using Microsoft products.  I also deliver onsite classes or customized training for development customers.  Most of my time is spent with software development, SQL Server, and Windows Azure.  I've been in the IT Industry for 17 years with most of that focused on database support and development.   This blog draws on my experiences "in the field" as a Microsoft PFE.

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    If a worker thread doesn’t yield, is it guaranteed to run?

    Put another way, can Windows preempt our worker thread and perform a context switch even though it has been “scheduled” by the SQL OS (SOS) and SQL thinks it is running? Of course it can. SQL Server implements a cooperative scheduling mechanism to make...
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    Do waiting or suspended tasks tie up a worker thread?

    I had a discussion the other day with someone about worker threads and their relation to tasks. I thought a quick demo might be worthwhile. When we have tasks that are waiting on a resource (whether it be a timer or a resource like a lock) we are tying...
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    Finding Missing Dependencies

      While working with a customer on a SQL port, I came across a system view that was new with SQL Server 2008.  Have you ever needed to check your database code (stored procedures) to see if it references any missing objects?  As of SQL...
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    Loading data with foreign keys

      Working on a customer project the other day, I needed to load some data into a database that had been scripted and re-created.  The newly created database already had foreign keys in place which means for loading data (this was from SSIS)...
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    Need to find the Database Version? Last Log Backup? Last DBCC execution? Ummm….

    Backup software and Maintenance plans usually take care of tracking backup schedules and maintenance schedules for us… but how else do we find this information inside SQL Server?  The following query will get the last backup date and time from MSDB...
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