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  • Blog Post: Sync Center hanging and crashing because of DpoFeedb

    0:005> ~2s DpoFeedb!get_lastknownversion+0xd382: 00000000`1002f812 0f8418feffff je DpoFeedb!get_lastknownversion+0xd1a0 (00000000`1002f630) [br=1] 0:002> p DpoFeedb!get_lastknownversion+0xd1a0: 00000000`1002f630 488b02 mov rax,qword ptr [rdx] ds:00000000`0296dec8=000000000296dec0 0:002> DpoFeedb...
  • Blog Post: The case of the very annoying hpqtra08.exe

    I recently bought an HP dv7t laptop and also got one of those HP multi-function printers. So far so good. After installing the printer's drivers and apps, I noticed a significant slowdown. Opened up taskmgr and lo and behold, hpqtra08.exe was taking up 100% of my cpu. I debugged it and it seemed to be...
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